We consider success as continuous development and improvement. We are raising awareness of our employees on this point of view. The key point of our success on this issue is the importance we give to team spirit and advanced trainings. With international certificate programs such as Bepect and Elektrofachkraft, the number of our labours who work skilfully in Europe increases continuously.  We also organize training activities in Turkey such as job safety while working at height & electric works. Except these professional certified training programs, we comment the accidents experienced in the past; the situations of near miss to accident and dangerous cases, to prevent the new ones. Thus, we give our employees opportunities to explain their ideas on these situations. As a result of these trainings, we target to increase customer satisfaction.

1. Bepect Training

This is a training program which is compulsory for working in over head transmission line works in The Netherlands. It consists the critical and practical stages. Theoretical part includes general information about The Netherlands, over head transmission line types, all risk factors of stringing and lasts four days. At the end of this stage, those who pass the written examination, entitle to enter practical examination at second stage. This is made in special training area in the base of Bepect Firm. All the labours have to perform every task of OHTL works individually. These performances are followed and noted by Bepect observers. At last, the participants who get passing grade deserve their certificates for working in over head transmission line works in The Netherlands.


2. SCC Training

This is the training which is made with the intention to raise the awareness of both employees and managers in the direction of HSE policy. Training lasts 3 days and written examination is made after its completion. Those who answer minimum seventy percent of the questions correctly deserve to get the certificate. These certificates are valid for 10 years and registered in safety passport of employees.

3. Elektrofachkraft Training

This is a compulsory training to supervise the OHTL works in Germany. The person who takes this training has the responsibility to orient the labours before site operations and to take the measures against the potential risks. This training lasts 2 days and written examination is made afterwards. Certificate is given to those who become successful in the examination. The certificates are registered in safety passports.

4. Työturvallisuus Training


This training contains occupational and environmental safety issues to be paid attention and to be applied while working at site works in Finland. At the end of this training, written examination is made. Participants who pass the examination deserve taking Työturvallisuuskortti (Safety Card). It is a must to have this card to work at site works in Finland.




5. Training on Shot Firing Expertise

This training contains the subjects; practical explosives, firing systems, blasting safety instruction, blasting techniques within the scope B class shot firing expertise. The training lasts four days and written examination is made afterwards. The participants, who pass the written examination, entitle to take B class shot firing certificate. The person who has this certificate is responsible for doing mid-span joints of conductors through blasting method.



6. Sicherheitsbeasuftragter Training

At least 1 Occupational Health and Safety Expert should be assigned for each 20 persons working in a firm in Germany. This training lasts 2 days, written examination is made afterwards. Those who become successful take their certificates and these certificates are registered in safety passports.

7. Other Trainings

We know the importance of having skilled personnel to keep our principles alive. If we think the success of our firm like a pyramid, our trainings undoubtedly constitutes the bottom step. IFM, which continues its studies with this awareness, organizes various trainings such as occupational safety training for working at height, electric works, etc. through independent training institutions. Informative and orientation trainings are also given by internally as well.