IFM has accomplished many OHTL projects up to 500kV so far has the capacity to complete work in turnkey basis in bigger projects. Our working fields are tower erection, stringing, the foundation works and the construction of switchyard/substation steel structures. We are also able to dismantle and rehabilitate the existing lines. In addition to these services, we are capable to do erection and maintenance of wind farm tower, telecommunication towers and steel construction of the buildings. IFM provides business to business services which contain supply of fittings/hardwares, transmission line steel towers, insulators, OPGW, conductors, power cables and steel reinforcing bars.  

Construction of Over Head Transmission Line & S/S Steel Structures

IFM is a preferable EPC contractor of OHTL projects in Europe. We have accomplished many OHTL projects in central Europe, especially in The Netherlands and Germany. It is a common opinion that the demand of the energy will increase all over the world.  The rehabilitation of the existing energy transmission lines and the construction of new lines are unavoidable. Therefore, having the capacity and well-skilled personnel to meet this demand is among our most important responsibilities. Our scope in this sector contains erection/dismantling/rehabilitation of lattice towers (self-supported and guyed types), poles (polygonal and tubular),and S/S steel structures; OPGW, earth wire and conductor stringing; installation of fittings/hardwares, insulator strings and underground power cables; laying out the foundation works (including excavation, shuttering, installation of the re-bars, pouring concrete, backfilling). IFM commits to accomplish projects in turnkey basis in the direction of client request.

Construction of Wind Farm

IFM has been performing in energy sector for more than 10 years and has interest in renewable energy projects starting 2009. As a result of this interest, we have achieved improvements and business developments in this field, afterwards; we are awarded a 50 MW wind farm project which is completed by IFM on timely manner. This success has encouraged us for next projects and brought innovations to our strategic plans in this direction. In addition, the projects in respect of renewable energy also coincide with our purpose to provide cleaner environment to next generations.

Assembly of Steel Construction 

Steel is a significant building element in structures due to being light and high strength material and the number of steel constructions soar continuously. As IFM we have decided to use our experience for assembly of steel constructions which we have gained in energy transmission line business. Our strategic development in this direction has given result in short time and in first quarter of 2012, we are awarded Eurovision Baku, Crystal Hall project in 2012. We have achieved our scope successfully in spite of the tight schedule. The performance we have shown has become an important milestone for next projects.

Supply Chain Management

IFM does not only give construction services in transmission line business but also provides the supply of materials. IFM has established a professional business to business organization which serves to our esteemed clients and suppliers. Our business to business service is worldwide. The materials are fittings/hardwares, transmission line steel towers, insulators, OPGW, conductors, power cables and steel reinforcing bars which are included in this scope.

Installation of Fiberoptic and Underground Power Cables

IFM provides a full installation service of the OPGW and underground cables including the joint/box connections and testing of the OPGW. The installation and testing are done with the following euipments/devices:

1. OTDR – JDSU MTS 6000
2. OTDR – JDSU MTS 4000
3. Power meter and light source
4. Cable test device
5. Fujıkura fiber optic joint device
6. Sumitomo fiber optic joint device
7. Insulation test device
8. High voltage relay test device